Agaming Maangogwan
Loon Feather on the Shore

Jacob S.


Greeting brother/sister!

Let me be the one to ask, “Have you signed up for the next event?” or “Have you asked about our Gold plan?” I am the guy in charge of Administrations for our Lodge to make sure Unit Elections are being completely filled out or even making sure you have your Health form turned in. Right next to me I have two outstanding advisors! They are Barry Jensen who helps me at the door with sign-ins, and I have Kirk Sheren in charge of the Trading post. BY THE WAY! I encourage everyone to stop by the trading post to get their fill of patches as well as sweatshirts, shirts, and other oddities we have to offer! A few things you should know about me is I am approachable and willing to lend a hand. Feel free to drop me an email at the address listed above or my cellphone which is 989-225-5481. Please be sure to call me on the weekdays from 3:00pm-9:00 or Weekends 4:00 am till 9:00pm. I do check my voicemails! To you my brother/sister I pledge my sacred honor!