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The Agaming Maangogwan Lodge of the Order of the Arrow proudly announces the OA CENTURION RECIPIENTS!

The Centurion Award is a one-time recognition associated with the Centennial Anniversary of the OA. This National Recognition highlights the many individuals, both youth and adult, who were instrumental to lodge development over the past 100 years. These honorees serve as exemplars of leadership, modeling to others a commitment to cheerful service as the Order of the Arrow enters its second century. The Agaming Maangogwan Centurion Award recipients are:

Harry “Jack” Beamish Pete Cangemi Bev Chapman Barry Jensen Brad Koch Jack Lavis Spencer Long Daniel Purtill

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Harry “Jack” Beamish

Agaming Maangowan Centurion Award

Through a lifetime a cheerful service, Harry “Jack” Beamish impacted the lodge, gave unselfish service, and faithfully promoted the purposes of the Order of the Arrow.

Jack served in three lodges – Tittabawasink 469, Mischigonong 89, and Agaming Maangogwan 804. Neither the lodge name nor number was his focus. His priority was on the Order's purposes and guiding youths to understand and live by these high ideals.

As a young adult, Jack impacted the Tittabawasink lodge by serving in the role as an adult adviser and eventually Area 7J Adviser. He assisted youth at local camporees, high adventures, national jamborees and National Order of the Arrow Conferences. During these years, Jack impacted the lives of arrowmen teaching them such “ism's” as: “Don't be the braggin' type” or “Set the Example!” or “Being an officer is work” or “Early to bed and early to rise or you're burning daylight” and “There are always leftovers. You just have to know where to look.” He became the mentor of many youths who strove to live up to the high standards Jack exemplified and set for himself. In fact, Jack would quote President Abraham Lincoln and say, “It matters not the number of years in your life – it's the life in your years.” In 1965 he received the Distinguished Service Award.

Ranger Jack was the nickname Harry “Jack” Beamish earned. During the 1940's & `50's Jack was involved in the summer programs at Camp Neyati – serving on staff, performing in Order of the Arrow Ceremonies, conducting work bees, and taking boys to camp. While a council board member in the 1960's, Jack was a co-founder and chief contributor towards the establishment of Paul Bunyan Scout Reservation. He mapped and carved out roads; designed and constructed buildings. He served as Reservation Ranger. Jack donated time, energy, talent, and cash. And continued this well into his 80's! A fellow board member stated, “No single individual had contributed more to the success of Paul Bunyan Scout Reservation than Jack Beamish.” Jack was responsible for tens of thousands of youths gaining the summer camp experience!

Throughout the 1970's and into the 21st Century, Jack became the preverbal “jack-of-all-trades,” but master of ALL! He served as Vigil Adviser, NYLT Assistant Scoutmaster, Camp Staff Member, Fellowship Project Adviser, Camp Ranger, Special Projects Adviser, and Camp Stewards' Chair. He attended the 1986 NOAC at Central Michigan University and worked on the Service Lodge Staff. In Mischigonong Lodge, he gave counsel as the “wise medicine man” for new Vigils receiving their honor.

At his 2013 funeral, former arrowmen – officers, chiefs, and advisers – attended in uniform paying tribute to the man they came to know, love, and respect. A few called him Harry; others Ranger; a few more “my Brother;” and still some, simply “Jack.” Whatever the greeting, one man dedicated his life in the service of youth – as an arrowman, a camp co-founder, an advisor, a mentor, and friend – fulfilling the purposes of the Order of the Arrow.

Jack Beamish – an Order of the Arrow Centurion!



Agaming Maangowan Centurion Award

Pete is a positive force dedicating himself to the Order's foundation and capstone of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. He selflessly serves the Order, the local scout camp – Silver Trails Scout Reservation, and Scouting in general.

Pete is a former lodge adviser for the Chickagami Lodge who was appointed at the beginning of this new century. During his stint at adviser, he encouraged dramatic and impressive OA Ceremonies. He gave direct, high-quality feedback to the ceremonialists and received top-notch results in return. With Pete's guidance & counsel, he was able to facilitate the personal growth of the Chickagami ceremonial team and took them “on the road” to NOAC becoming a national award winning team. The arrowmen appreciated his steadfast endeavors and cherished the level of performance to which they attained.

Pete is a resident Boy Scout camp volunteer. But this short, simple title does not fully express the level of commitment and allegiance he displays for camp. Pete devotes untold hours of labor towards the management and facility maintenance of Silver Trails Scout Reservation. He is and has been an integral part of Silver Trails and the numerous programs it offers. Pete has served on staffs of countless Cub Scout and Boy Scout events held on site. He does not just sit back, drink coffee, and give orders. Pete volunteers. Pete labors. During Order of the Arrow Ordeal weekends, Pete would assist in the advance planning of the service projects AND would work along side the candidates providing a positive example for them to follow and replicate in the future.

Pete has served Scouting in a variety of capacities. He was on the board of the former Blue Water Council and currently is the Vice President of District Operations for the Water and Woods Council. He is a registered Assistant District Commissioner, a merit badge counselor and a Boy Scout troop committee member. But Pete may best be known for his involvement at the local level with Boy Scout Troop 216 in Marysville. Pete has an open heart for youth and, with this open heart, an open door on his property. Over the years, he has let scouts use his farm, pond, and land for youth adventures. Scouts camp, swim, fish, canoe, and blast model rockets while camping on his land. Promoting the Space Exploration merit badge is one of his passions and specialties.

Throughout his entire life, Pete is devoted to “helping other people at all times.” In doing so, he fulfills the principles of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness and Service within the lodge, at scout camp, and with the Boy Scout program.

Pete Cangemi – an Order of the Arrow Centurion!



Agaming Maangowan Centurion Award

When thinking of Bev, words come to mind at role-model, adviser, and friend. She isn't afraid to speak her mind while always keeping the best interest of the youth at heart. Since the day she became a member of the Order of the Arrow, Bev focuses on the scouts and their achievements as her polestar in every task she completes.

Bev was elected into the Order and undertook her Ordeal in 1998. She has never stopped giving or mentoring since. Although never a Boy Scout, Bev understands the multi-facet world of youth. She works towards getting into the quality worlds of kids while recognizing the issues of growing up in the 21st Century. Scouting is a key part, but Bev acknowledges this may be only one part of the individual's life. She addresses the entire person – not just the Ordeal member or the Life Scout, but the teenager with additional demands from school, work, religious, or extra-curricular organizations. Her ability to connect with kids is one of her greatest strengths. Through conversations and questioning, listening and attending, Bev mentors scouts on matters both in and out of the Scouting program. To this day, a number of young adults who she once counseled call her to thank her AND to continue to receive her wisdom. Bev cares.

In Scouting and the Order, Bev is highly focused on training – especially Youth Protection. She understands the great significance of this for our youths' safety. As a Youth Protection Trainer, Bev has given the session hundreds of times and is willing to do so again — even on a moment's notice or having to drive more than a half-hour to the trainee's home! She grasps the critical need of Youth Protection and, as a former teacher, wants all youth to receive the high quality program while interacting with the highest of quality adults. She has provided these training countless times – even at OA events. In her “down time,” Bev like to dabble in other topics and provides sessions in: Native American Affairs / Regalia, Hazardous Weather, Trainers' EDGE, and Leader Specifics (Boy Scout and Venturing) to name just a few.

As Section C-1A Adviser in 2011, Bev was involved in the Michigan Project's Lodge Creation Team – bringing together four lodges into the current Agaming Maangogwan Lodge. Her insight and prodding helped create the current lodge we have today on the Eastern side of the state. Furthermore, she continues to offer her time and talents and currently serves the lodge as Executive Vice-Chief Adviser.

As an Award of Merit and Silver Beaver beneficiary, Bev is a role-model and mentor, a trainer and teacher, and an involved adviser. Bev persists to leave a positive impact on today's youth. She has received three Eagle Scout mentor pins, but by no means is this the totality of her impact. Bev gives. Scouts and arrowmen alike recognize and appreciate her friendly, direct approach. Bev is a living example of an Elangomat Sage who shares her life with others.

Bev Chapman – an Order of the Arrow Centurion!



Agaming Maangowan Centurion Award

Since he was a young scout, Barry Jensen exemplified the purposes of the Order of the Arrow, including maintaining camping traditions and spirit, promoting resident camping, and providing cheerful service to others.

Barry became a member of the Order in the 1960s with the Cuwe Lodge out of Flint, Michigan, where he served as a Chapter Chief and Lodge Chief. During these years he became a member of the Unit Election Team, conducting multiple elections over many years. He was also involved in Call Out Ceremonies – recognizing the newly elected Ordeal Candidates.

As the Lodge Chief, Barry was diligent in attention to detail in all responsibilities of his role. He exemplified leadership, readily sharing his OA vision. Always dependable, he was present at all council board meetings and regularly attending camp, and served as an excellent example for other young arrowmen to follow.

Serving in the Lodge Chief capacity, Barry promoted camping, especially at Camp Tapico – the council's “hometown” camp. At Tapico, Barry generously gave his time to help other scouts earn merit badges or rank, or to just have fun as a part of the Scouting program. Always willing to “get his hands dirty,” Barry served beyond a figurehead, and joined others in the trenches while leading work projects.

Serving as a humble leader, Barry's purpose has always been to get the job done, without thought to receiving credit for his actions. Barry set the standard as a servant leader – with emphasis on servant – long before that title became popular in our Order. For his selfless efforts, Barry was bestowed the Vigil Honor by Cuwe Lodge.

Barry's involvement has not diminished over the years. He continued with the program, bringing his son in as he grew. Barry also became a Cuwe Lodge Adviser, implementing the ideals he learned as a youth. He remains today an active adult member of the Agaming Maangogwan Lodge, serving as Records' Adviser – spending untold hours scouring the lodge records to ensure accuracy of reporting and attending numerous events and meetings each year. Mr. Barry Jensen, the unassuming leader, whose noble actions have improved the lives of many others.

Barry Jensen – an Order of the Arrow Centurion!



Agaming Maangowan Centurion Award

As a youth in Mischgonong Lodge, now Agaming Maangogwan, Brad Koch simply stands out. Brad initiates and gives; plans and implements; serves and leads. Brad epitomizes the call words of our Order: Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui.

During the first years of his involvement with the lodge, Brad aided his chapter, helped plan lodge events, assisted with trainings, and guided lodge registration. Upon election as a two-term Lodge Secretary, he provided notices for events, took minutes of executive committee meetings, and developed a year-end-review DVD. Brad was a gifted officer from which the lodge truly benefited. For his service, he was bestowed the Vigil Honor and is a Founders' recipient.

Brad's true legacy, however, was his acceptance as Special Projects Chair in 2010 and 2011. At the request of the Supreme Chief, the lodge set-forth a program in honor the BSA's 100th Anniversary – a “gift to the community”. In doing so, Project SAGINAWESOME was born and with it a humble leader. For the next year, Brad partnered with local organizations (i.e. Habitat for Humanity, Best Buy of Saginaw, Nouvel Catholic Central), raised awareness of Scouting's contributions, brought over 60 arrowmen from 15 counties, and celebrated the BSA's Anniversary with a donation of well over 1,350 service hours and $6,100 of financial support to a local neighborhood in need of repair.

Throughout the rest of the Centennial Year, Brad coaxed and prodded, inquired and pushed for another task in 2011. He had a vision and a mission. He wanted to lead and serve.

Brad procured a Dow Project Challenge grant and received $25,000 to finance the 2011 project – the refurbishing of a Saginaw, Michigan park. Dow Gives provided logistical support and the volunteerism of over 100 employees. Best Buy contributed another $1,000.00. Partner volunteers came from Habitat for Humanity, Local 85 Plumbers, Steamfitters & HVACR Unions, the neighboring Veteran’s Affairs hospital, and local residents.

In July of 2011, the Lodge under the leadership of Brad Koch descended upon Deindorfer Woods Park. Construction trucks, tools, and wheelbarrows as well as volunteers both in and out of the scouting program worked for over a week to improve the park. More than 250 people contributed over 3,000 man-hours. Drainage was improved. A pavilion and swing sets were erected. Trails were cleared and surfaced with 36 tons of wood chips. The parking lot was resurfaced and over 14 hazard trees were removed. A park that had been largely ignored for years now found itself frequented by residents, many for the first time.

Because of this talent and personal example, Brad Koch initiated and gave, planned and implemented, served and led. His courageous & determined leadership impacted arrowmen, the lodge and his urban community – a true humble leader in Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui.

Brad Koch – an Order of the Arrow Centurion!



Agaming Maangowan Centurion Award

What an outstanding youth – an accomplished scout, an accomplished athlete and schoolmate, an accomplished young man!

Jack was highly involved in Scouting. He was a Cub Scout for three years and reached the highest level of Cubbing – Arrow of Light. Jack continued on with the program and transferred his membership to the local Boy Scout Troop. During his tenure, he was elected to such leadership positions at Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and Senior Patrol Leader. Jack worked towards and became an Eagle Scout.

Jack was an accomplished scout giving back to his troop and the younger boys. His scoutmaster recalls Jack being an exceptional person who loved to work with the first and second year scouts. “He had what it took to be a leader and did what he said he would.” He served on the Honor Guard for the Mackinac Island Service Troop 168 out of Port Huron. Jack's level of commitment and follow-though in the troop, as a member of the honor guard, and as an instructor for others were first-rate. Jack gave.

Jack was elected from his troop into Scouting's Honor Society and became a member of the Order and Chickagami Lodge in the 1980's. As an Ordeal Member, he was active on the lodge ceremonies team for over three years – researching historical regalia, blocking the principals, stitching outfits, and performing in ceremonies. Because of his intense involvements and remarkable efforts, Jack was elected twice to the position of Lodge Chief.

Jack's talents were evident outside of scouting, too. During his high school years, he was an accomplish athlete playing for the Marysville football team. Jack was a member of the school's Varsity Club and served as Secretary of the Union Veterans of the Civil War and a member of St. Christopher's Catholic Church. In his spare time, Jack's passion for the out-of-doors was shown through his love of hunting and fishing.

Jack died in an auto accident on July 19, 1988. In honor of Jack's accomplishments, the Silver Trails Scout Reservation Trading Post is dedicated in his honor. Jack's example of leadership through service lives on through the memories of an accomplished Eagle Scout, Arrowman and an outstanding young man.

Jack Lavis – an Order of the Arrow Centurion!



Agaming Maangowan Centurion Award

Spencer long is an ideal arrowman and human being. The positive impact he had on the youth of his lodge and the council created a legacy that continues to this day. Spencer began his OA career when he was inducted in 1998 and immediately became active the lodge. A year later he served as a Camp Staff CIT and sealed him membership in the Order. In 2000, at the at of 15, he embarked on a six-year journey of personal growth and leadership rarely equaled by others.

He began his formal service as a leader when he was elected as the Lodge Vice Chief of Program. As Vice Chief, he helped the lodge grow and achieve Quality Lodge status for the first time in more than a decade. As a summer camp staff member, he helped re-establish the visible presence of the lodge as a resource for service and program support. His enthusiasm and passion for Scouting and the OA invigorated the youth of the lodge and council to become more involved. And they did!

In 2001, Spencer was elected to his first of two terms as Lodge Chief. As chief, the council experienced remarkable growth in programming — much of this ground can be directly attributed to Spencer and his leadership efforts. The lodge saw and increased participation at events and record numbers attending Section Conclave, NLS, and NOACs. Spencer helped improved the youth program and then actively recruited other youths to assist as the events. Improves in attendance also occurred at Boy Scout Resident Camp, Cub Scout Day Camp, NYLT, and camporees.

Within the lodge, Spencer began several traditions, including: creating a lodge spirit award to recognize one outstanding youth, contributing to the council's James E. West Fellowship and FOS campaign; and becoming the first lodge chief to sit on the Executive Board. For his service, Spencer received the Vigil Honor and Founders' Award.

For many, the achievements listed above would be enough, but not for Spencer.

Following his service at the lodge level, he successfully ran and served two terms as the Section Vice-Chief. He again helped improve the Section's program and increased attendance & participation at Conclaves, NLS, NOAC, and OA High Adventure programs. He was instrumental in organizing lodge visits by the Section Assistance Team and played a key role in the development of a Area Leader Training Conference involving multiple sections. He serve as the lodge's youth Chairman for the 2006 NOAC, where he was elevated to the position of Service Corps Conference Vice Chief leading over 125 OA members from across the nation.

Although Spencer's continued service would ultimately lead to him being recognized with the OA's DSA, the true reward of his efforts is that he inspired other numerous youth to “shoot for the starts.” By following in his footsteps, many other youths have served at the section, regional, and national levels. As Spencer continues to serve, he is most deserving of the OA's Centurion Award for his lasting legacies!

Spencer Long – an Order of the Arrow Centurion!



Agaming Maangowan Centurion Award

Daniel Purtill is the epitome of what it means to be a Servant Leader. His tremendous legacy of unselfish leadership in service to others has made him a local Scouting icon and a living legend. With more than five decades of distinguished service both in and out of Scouting, he continues to impact the lives of others in a positive way.

At the end of his second term as Lodge Chief, Dan transitioned into an adult role. The council had recently purchased a piece of property to serve as the new summer camp. Dan played an integral role in developing the camp in preparation for its inaugural season in 1962. The early years of the new camp were a huge success due to his efforts and support. Over the next 50 years, Dan was instrumental in transforming the camp from simply a beautiful parcel of land with just a few buildings into a premier summer camp facility with numerous amenities. New and improved facilities during his tenure included: staff cabins, a camp chapel, a log cabin, Adirondacks, a state of the art dining hall, a new maintenance building, the camp welcome center, an improved trading post, a new rifle range, and a major campfire bowl renovation.

Collectively, for this tremendous involvement in all these service projects, Dan deserves significant recognition. However, what truly seals his legacy is his extraordinary serve to the camp and the lodge programs. Not only did Dan provide physical service, he gave assistance to others with his time and talents. His contribution to camp and the lodge program such as aquatics, handicraft, scoutcraft, shooting sports, and Indian Lore have been invaluable. He was also involved in developing numerous lodge and camp recognition programs. For his tremendous serve to Scouting, he has received the Silver Beaver, the Vigil Honor, and the OA Founders' Award.

Outside of Scouting, Dan's commitments to others are manifested in many ways. He served in the United States Military during the Vietnam War era and spent 26 years as a police officer. He served his community with distinction and received several awards including: the Distinguished Service Medal from the Michigan Association of Police Chiefs, a Bravery Award for his actions at a tanker truck accident, a Meritorious Service Award for apprehending a suicidal armed subject, and a Lifesaving Award for entering a burning building to retrieve a woman trapped inside and then performing first aid to save her life. For this action, he became the only living officer in the East Lansing Police Department's history to receive the Citation of Valor.

Furthermore, Dan served his community as a Red Cross volunteer and CPR/First Aid instructor. He also helped numerous youths by serving as a foster parent for nearly 20 children.

With a life dedicated to living the ideals of Scouting and the Order of the Arrow, Dan Purtill exemplifies an OA Centurion.

Dan Purtill – an Order of the Arrow Centurion!