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July 29–Aug 4

NOAC 2015 Recap

NOAC 2015

NOAC 2015 was held at Michigan State University and hosted by us, Agaming Maangogwan Lodge!


Agaming Maangogwan serves cheerfully as service lodge

*The following article appeared in The Current Issue 5 page 5. The Current is published each day of NOAC by the Communications Committee.

By Zach Brown

All Arrowmen at NOAC likely know the feeling of being tired after participating in the many programs offered here this week. None, however, are as tired as Agaming Maangogwan Lodge from the Michigan Crossroads Council. Agaming Maangogwan is the service lodge for NOAC 2015 and its members have been working tirelessly to heighten our experiences.

The centennial celebration of NOAC was heavily dependent on the service of this lodge. Arrowmen from Agaming Maangogwan arrived at NOAC as early as the Friday prior to the contingents arrival. As soon as Agaming Maangogwan Arrowmen arrived, they began working to prepare for the contingent arrivals. With every lodge in the nation sending in rocks, crates and history books for the past three years, many tedious, repetitive tasks needed to be done. Agaming Maangogwan Lodge was ready and willing to handle them all.

Curators of the Legacy Display reported that the service lodge has been a pivotal source of hard work for the success of the centennial commemoration. In speaking with the Legacy Display team, they were very appreciative of their efforts.

“NOAC would not have been possible without them,” said Brett Warner, lead adviser for the centennial Legacy Display. They even explained that the service lodge worked past midnight after the Monday night show to have the Legacy Display ready by the next morning.

However, the most notable remarks about the service lodge come from their willingness not to just do any task but to do so cheerfully and to search for more chances to serve thereafter.

“The Service Lodge put their backs and hearts into doing the yeoman's work that helped make the conference run smoothly for the staff and attendees,” said Warner. “These guys worked really hard to get the rocks and history books in place and did so with cheerful smiles.”

With less sleep and more tasks to complete than most of the NOAC staff, Agaming Maangogwan Lodge has truly lived up to the Order's founding principles and surmounted every challenge they have been tasked to do.

If you happen to see Agaming Maangogwan Arrowmen, take the time to thank them for their service this week. Much of their work is behind- the-scenes. Though they will not ask for recognition, they deserve our gratitude for their cheerful service.